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Q: How do I get my project, artwork, organization, event, etc. listed on your web site?


A: The first step is to write to Tristy Taylor, the Arts & Healing Network's Director of Communication & Outreach, at ahn@artheals.org. Please send her your web site and a brief description.


Q: There is so much information on this site. How do I find what I am looking for?


A: If you are having trouble locating information, please email Tristy Taylor at ahn@artheals.org  to help you find what you are looking for. Please note our Search Box is not working correctly and we appreciate your patience as we fix that.

Q: Can you help me find funding for my art and healing project?


A: We have created a long list of arts funders & grants, and we invite you view that list by clicking here. In addition, our Artist Support section is full of resources that could help you in developing your project. You might also enjoy the AHN News Issues on Funding Your Healing Arts Project, and the one on Creative Entrepreneurship. Lastly, we recommend visiting the following links:


Q: Where are you located? Could I come visit you?


A: We are a virtual organization, so the Arts & Healing Network exists wherever our lap tops are sitting, most often in the San Francisco Bay Area. We invite you to visit us online here on this web site and connect with us also via Facebook and Twitter.



Q: Do you host events?


A: The Arts & Healing Network does not sponsor events at this time. However, there are so many wonderful organizations that do. Be sure to visit the following pages on our web site: Classes & Workshops, Schools & Programs, and Conferences.